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The Naked Truth Between You and Achievement  Just like corporations have a board of directors, human beings each have their own internal Board of Critics. Our true desires are twisted in a juggernaut with our ever-chattering Board of Critics who issue directives we feel conflicted to follow. The conundrum: we acknowledge that our financial requirements can be adjusted based on a lifestyle choice, while in the same breath; we struggle to admit that we cannot have it all — when in fact, we’re not all that clear on what our all actually is . . . The equation of high achievement = high quality of life is not all that accurate. It’s highly individualized. Full story 3.5.2013

A Women’s Guide to Smart Dating in Midlife I’m talking about your deal breakers and must haves. What’s most important to you and what are you willing/not willing to compromise on?  . . . Getting clear about what you want will help guide your mind in all kinds of positive directions to help you find and attract the right situations and people in your life. Accepting a situation that is anything other than what you truly want will surely create unhappiness, and keep you tied to a man who’s not right for you. Sound familiar?  . . . Be graceful, and don’t sell out. It takes being smart and true to you. Full story 2.24.2013 

The Midlifers’ Guide To A Singing, Swinging Holiday Season Part of the reason the holidays are so hard for so many, is due to the expectations we attach to them. We’re told we’re “supposed” to celebrate them with large, boisterous gatherings of family and friends. Or that “everyone” is shopping to find that perfect, last-minute gift for their mate. Or that something is wrong if we don’t have “someone” with whom to share a kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve . . . That’s all rubbish. Full story 11.25.2012

On Do-Overs, Lessons Learned and Second Chances While we don’t get a “do over” when it comes to our youth, we can use much of what we’ve learned in hindsight to help us live more zestfully in midlife. In this post, I share a few truths I wish I’d known and applied as a young woman. But lest you think this is a post about regrets, take heart: There are no regrets, just second chances. Full story 10.16.2012

STOP the Obedience Insanity Falling victim to the “need to please” mentality can wreak havoc on our lives, causing us to continually second-guess ourselves or put off making decisions, unless and until we get a general consensus from everyone else that it’s the right decision. This causes us to stay stuck in analysis paralysis, living a life that is cut-and-pasted from the opinions of some arbitrary Board of Directors who never should be allowed to stand guard over our decision-making in the first place. Full story 9.27.2012

6 Essentials To Moving Fearlessly Through Fear You thought you’d get away easy, huh? Slip silently past the pain, the uncertainty — the fear that awaits you, just down the road a bit. Not so fast, my dear. You feel that dull, nauseating feeling in your gut? Any minute now, you’re going to have to dance the tango with that thing you’ve been trying to avoid for so long. Your heart beats faster, your palms sweat a little, you keep step with trepidation, knowing that each move brings you one step closer to the inevitable. Full story 9.13.2012

Women, Divorce & Keys to the Aftermath A marriage is a tremendous investment of oneself, and — barring extenuating circumstances — a great accomplishment whether the outcome is lasting or not. I view marriage as an offering of tremendous personal growth. The agony of the demise stands as a testament to the depth of the investment made. We marry with the best of intentions, and then things shift. Full Story 9.6.2012 

Mommy’s Courage, Chaos & Climax of College Admissions We must acknowledge the results of creating our total identity around our kids. They grow up. And they fly. And all we want is to witness their health and equipped independence. Nevertheless, we stand bewildered over the fast passage of time. Full story 8.19.2012

Get Your Flow-jo On! When was the last time you immersed yourself in an activity and completely lost track of time? Your whole being immersed, your emotions energized, firing on all cylinders, aligned solely in deep focus on one activity, exclusively? In the zone, on a roll, in the groove, wired in, on fire, in the moment, in tune — experiencing total engagement with absolute concentration? Full story 8.13.2012

Midlife Women After the Wham Through the darkness of personal collapse I slowly evolved, finally realizing that softening into gratitude beats the vulnerability of grief to the punch. And ultimately, {I found} gratitude to the firm for showing me to the door, offering me the gateway to the best chapter of my life. Once I got up off the floor and the shock subsided, and I finally stopped feeling like a victimized washed-up old troll, I realized thay gave me the gift of liberation; the golden opportunity to create a life I love. A life fully expressed. Full story 9.9.2012


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