Is This You?

Bravehearts come in female packages.

This, I know to my core. Women in life transition don’t always feel brave. But divine traits in us spring forth to help us when we’re managing change. It’s gorgeous to behold.

I’m a coach for women who are interested in a zestful life transition. Usually, clients are propelled to work with me following a big life change such as: job loss, divorce or loss of a loved one, an empty nest, or facing a career crossroads.

Life transition is a tender process. I don’t expect my clients to be Herculean women who are ready to jump into life’s gladiator’s ring, but I do work best with those who have the will to succeed — and the desire to succeed wildly.

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.”  -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Is This You?

  • You’ve lost your job, your loved one, you’re feeling a loss of identity, or you just need to rekindle your spark — you’re ready to recreate from the ashes.
  • You’re a divorced woman and you’re ready to reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life.
  • You’re the head of an empty nest — and not loving how that feels. You’re ready to put your passion for life back in play.
  • You’re a female exec who’s battling burnout. You either need to redefine your relationship with achievement, find more meaning in the C-suite and/or in your life, or decide to leave cubical nation altogether.

My beliefs. If you share these or they light a fire under you, we’ll work beautifully together:

I believe . . .

  • In trusting your gut, because it’s a direct line to your genius.
  • In embracing your vulnerability, because it activates wholehearted living.
  • In accepting your imperfections, because they add texture to your brilliance.
  • In identifying your divine traits and your sacred ambitions, because they point you to your best destiny (yes, you get to choose!).
  • In leeeaaaning into life and change like we lean into the perfect balance of a yogi’s crow pose.
  • In optimizing resiliency — to bend without breaking.
  • In navigating the change cycle with grace and dexterity.
  • In the real game-changer — aiming for passions, seeing possibilities rather than constraints.
  • In creating communities of women, because where women gather, there is love, camaraderie, and healing. And — let’s be honest: big, glorious laughs.
  • In getting your zest on — because life should lived with exuberance.

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