Private Coaching

Life is tough, even when it’s really, really good.

You know that as well as anybody. You also know that sometimes, you just need someone to talk to.

Not a therapist. Not your best girlfriend. Someone who can hold the biggest possibility for you — the dream you can’t even spot yet (because it’s standing so close to you). Someone who can help you clear the decks, get a hot new perspective, and face forward once and for all.

It’s your time.

I’m Nancy Sherr.

You: sophisticated, motivated, proactive, classy. You’re soft on the inside, chic and pulled-together on the surface. You take life on thoughtfully — and with enthusiasm. You come through for people, because that’s who you are.

You’re a mid-life woman who’s been through some Big. Life. Change. You may be recently divorced or have ended a relationship with a significant other. Maybe you’re rebuilding after the loss of a loved one. Or perhaps you’re wondering what you’re going to do with this newly empty nest of yours. Regardless, you’re in a phase of mid-life reinvention.

Possibly, your catalytic event feels less defined than that. It’s not that your family situation has changed, and you haven’t lost an important role. You’re just feeling a profound shift in the makeup of who you are. You’re no longer who you once were, and you’re not quite who you’d thought you’d be. Sound familiar?

I can sooooooo relate. And I’ve got the tools, the training, and the tried-and-true life experience to help you create your New (Better Than) Normal — even in the wake of what may feel like a shattering loss.

private-coachingI’m a Martha Beck-trained professional life coach, a mother, a fitness enthusiast, and a lady who’s packed a lot of life into my years.

I’ve had and lost a great, glossy career — and built a new one. I’ve seen a two-decade marriage through joys and valleys — ultimately deciding to part. I’ve raised two expressive and curious kids — and two beautiful dogs. I’ve made a life for myself in the most bustling city on Earth (NYC!). I’ve seen, felt, and lived through a lot.

And after all that — I’ve reclaimed, reinvented, and rejuvenated my life. Personally and professionally, all on my terms. I’m the Phoenix. I rose from the flames of my own life. I believe that’s what you’re ready to do, too — even if you’re not yet sure what ‘life on your terms’ looks like.

I’ll be your catalyst for change and your compassionate sounding board. I’m glad you’re here.

Nancy has an infectious sense of humor, acute attention to detail and is a true delight. She brings high-energy and a rare commitment to her life calling as a coach. Her steady hand created a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for me to identify who I really am as an individual. She helped me in many creative ways to build a fresh path centered around my deepest passions and motivated me to create a plan to jump-start my life.”
–Paula T., Carlsbad, CA

What I value most about Nancy’s style of coaching is not only her personal attention, but also her ability to keep me on task. I don’t know where she gets her energy, but after each session I feel a renewed spirit and heightened optimism for life. Nancy is incredibly compassionate, a positive driving force and was relentlessly devoted to my success.”
–Zoe. H., New York City

1:1 Coaching is for deep personal work around any mid-life transition issues you’d like to explore and resolve. We’ll dig deep, shift patterns, and have fun reveling in your transformation.  The purpose is to do the deep personal work, uncover the tough stuff, face our vulnerability, and be held by the process of professional coaching to gain true clarity. An ideal option for women who may not be ready yet for a group coaching experience.

I offer 2 pathways for clients ready to work with me 1:1. Please have a look and see which one is right for you . . .


1:1 Zestful Intensive Series

Reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life from the privacy of your own home.

  • 75-minute private 1:1 coaching sessions held via Skype or phone
  • Priority email coaching in between sessions as needed

Select either:

  • 6-session bundle scattered over three months $1500 (or $500/monthly over 3 months)
  • 12-session bundle scattered over six months $2850 (or $475/monthly for 6 months)

Nancy coached me through the death of my 18 year marriage and the painful discoveries that followed. As a mother and a seasoned executive in the financial world, she was able to relate to the complexities of managing a family and career. Her compassion, honesty, and inspiration gave me strength and hope. She helped me realize that the challenges we endure, while they are so hideously painful, actually bring clarity, illuminating our needs and desires. She identified and applied the appropriate tools to help me identify my passions and strengths which I now value as being central to living a wholehearted life.”  
–Patricia G., New York City

Carrie & Nancy #2

I’m ready for the 6-session Zestful Intensive, $1500

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(Or click here to pay $500 per month for three months.)

I’m ready for the 12-session Zestful Intensive, $2850

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(Or click here to pay $475 per month for six months.)


I’m ready for a complimentary 30-minute Hello Session with Nancy . . .

For women who are almost positive coaching is for them but just want a few essential or procedural questions answered:
Get in touch with Nancy: HERE

NewYork1:1 Face-To-Face at My Place: Intensive in NYC

Reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life beginning with an exciting trip to NYC.

You’ll be a warmly welcomed special guest and enjoy a morning-to-night experience with me in effervescent New York City, where dreams come true. The Big Apple is home to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and legendary sample sales. You’ll enjoy luxury concierge service throughout your stay (available upon request for an additional fee). If you’d like, bring a special person with you and spend your non-coaching hours celebrating the gift to yourself of a renewed life.


  • 1 or 2 day in-person intensive in New York City. Please click here for a sample agenda of what your experience in NYC can look like.
  • Daily rate of $1850/day. Travel accommodations and activities are quoted separately and organized by Nancy’s New York City travel concierge specialist.

Strong spirit, inquisitive, acute-listener, and a loving nature, Nancy is a rare find. She coached me back from a major life set back with intense commitment and instilled a perseverance in me that was amazing. Her passion and infectious love of life abounds. This coach is a natural and a true gem.”
– Michaela L., Chicago, IL


I’m ready for 1:1 Face-To-Face At My Place: Intensive in NYC, $1850

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Or would you like a two-day Face-To-Face Intensive in NYC?

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I’m ready for a complimentary 30-minute Hello Session with Nancy . . .

For women who are almost positive coaching is for them but just want a few essential or procedural questions answered:
Get in touch with Nancy: HERE

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