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You are an incredibly vibrant lady who has been through a couple of Really Big Years. Big. Life. Changes. To the max.

If you’re anything like I was when life threw me the proverbial curve ball: unexpected job loss + divorce + empty nest — all in the space of three years, you’ve lost a bit of your luster. Your Joie de Vivre. Your Zestful Life.

Guess what? It’s high time to get it all back — and better.

You can reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life after Big. Life. Changes. 

You can learn to love your New (SO Much Better Than) Normal more than you’ve ever loved life before (and honey, you’ve loved life). And you can do all this in the company of other smart, beautiful, bravehearted mid-life women who are also Phoenixes in the Making.

You are cordially invited to The Society for Zestful Living.

The Society for Zestful Living is an intensive, supportive group coaching experience for mid-life women who have recently emerged on the other side of: a divorce or significant breakup, job loss (or you’re needing to professionally reinvent), an empty nest, a shift in identity OR if you just want to ignite your SPARK!

If you’re an open-hearted, classy lady devoted to making forward momentum as you rebuild from the ashes, and are ready to spend 6 weeks in community with other lovely ladies working on their big stuff, then the Society is the perfect experience for you.

societyI’m Nancy Sherr. I’m your hostess.

I’m a Martha Beck–professionally trained life coach, a mother of two amazing young adults, a passionate Manhattanite, and an award-winning veteran of the competitive financial sector.

I’ve been through my own dramatic series of huge life shifts, each one knocking me right on my tush. But each time I got back up, rolled up my sleeves, and started pedaling. And the aftermath — which I’m still creating, day by day — is unfolding in incredible ways I never could have imagined. I know the same is possible for you.

One thing we women need as we put it all back together? Community. That, and an energy-inducing spin class or a amazingly restorative yoga class — oh, and let us not forget that perfect glass of velvety Cabernet to top off the day. Overall though – Yes, Community is Key. And that’s why I’ve created a safe and tender space for smart women to experience mid-life transformation in the company of others they can grow to respect and trust.

The Society for Zestful Living is a sisterhood of women who are reinventing themselves and their support networks from the ashes of Big. Life. Change. The reinvention work we do together is grounded in solid coaching techniques and Positive Psychology principles.

Give me the newsstand headline version — I’m busy!”

You got it, hot stuff. Here are quick highlights for the ladies on the go:

This is a 6-week group coaching experience. Content is delivered via teleseminar (you call in via your phone) and in downloadable written materials so you can join in from anywhere in a way that works with your schedule. You’ll have the opportunity to give and receive support to others in a private virtual group, on your own time.

The experience looks like:

  • Part inner work to help you overcome fears and craft a new, artfully blended life that’s a true reflection of YOU, your values, and your strengths.
  • Part practical indulgence. You’ll learn fascinating Positive Psychology principles to support graceful and introspective personal reinvention. (You’ll love it!)
  • Part supportive community of visionary, similarly focused women who “get it” and are ready for change.

Ahh. Got that? Now for the details . . .


The Society for Zestful Living is perfect for you if you:

  • Have been through your own private (or public) Hell and have had E.N.O.U.G.H. You’re officially ready to get the good times Back!
  • Feel set adrift from personal relationships and/or community after a divorce, a job loss, an empty nest, or general mid-life chaos.
  • Have been a bit of an Approval Whore. (Oops, pardon my French!) You’re tired of working overtime to please your “Everybodies” and are ready to live life on your own terms.
  • Know your spark for life is dimmed and you’re ready to flip the switch; you’re thirsty to rediscover your deep rooted passions and Signature Strengths.
  • Love the idea of a community of women to share your experiences with, to be your buoy, your life jacket, your witness, to give and receive support.
  • Could use techniques for squashing debilitating thoughts, and turning inner chatter, fear, and vulnerability into optimized mind fuel.
  • Want to feel desirable, rich in self-esteem, and fit to feel good moving through space. (AKA shakin’ what your mama gave ya!)
  • Need a plan to make your dream life desires come true!

Honest, witty and whip-smart, Nancy was the pathway to my new future after my divorce. She reached directly into my soul and helped me re-create my identity.”
– Catrina M., Philadelphia, PA

Nancy is a rare find. She coached me back from a major life set back with intense commitment and instilled a perseverance in me that was astounding.”
– Michaela L., Toronto, CA


Inside your 6-week Society experience, you’ll get:


  • Take an immersion bath in Navigating Your Mid-Life Hell n’ Back. You’ll clearly see where you are in the change cycle, know what to expect from yourself and others, and learn how to prepare for the next stage. We’ll take stock, get clear, and commit to action.
  • Ignite a hot new love affair with YOU. Rekindle the romance of your own life and appreciate the best parts of yourself you may have forgotten about along the way.
  • Radiate from applying specific techniques to foster resilience, genuine positivity, and well-being (what we call The UP Spiral) regardless of circumstances (bad hair day? bad ex-husband?).
  • Rock the inside track on how to design your personal 5 Domains of Well-Being (what a coach like me refers to as PERMA) so you can craft a life that delights you.
  • Illuminate your 24 Character Strengths every one of us possesses in some measure, with a focus on the ones you have an extra big dollop of, so you can put them to use even more effectively in your life.


  • Leeeeaan into the comforts of a sweet, sassy bevy of women on the same path as you. You know what this means? Connection, community, witnesses, support, and accountability. This is the start of friendships for keeps. Access to a private virtual group where you can share stories with your Sisters in Zestful Living — from your home computer or mobile device.
  • Master self-coaching techniques you can use anytime to give yourself quick relief from fear, anger, and shame (The Ugly Stepsisters).
  • Rock out our downloadable worksheets to help you personalize your journey to Zestful Living.
  • Access tools to get you deeply in touch with your authentic Essential Self, so that you can make decisions that are true to YOU.
  • Indulge in one 1:1 Private 60-minute virtual Coaching Session with me, Nancy Sherr (a Martha Beck-professional trained life coach and Huffington Post blogger), where you can unravel what’s holding you back and experience significant forward momentum.


  • Renew your sense of self, clarity on your heart-centered priorities, plus a list of action steps for designing the future you want to create. All of this, frosted with a spine-tingling anticipation of what is yet to come. (Because we can’t predict it all, dahling. And why would you want to? Let’s be adventurers together!)
  • Embrace your zest for life unlike ever before! (You might even – gasp! – realize gratitude for that fiery furnace you’ve just emerged from.)
  • Enjoy special VIP invitations to future on-site retreats and high level Mastermind experiences, to further support you through the slow steady burn of change (ooh! feel the burn!)
  • Write your desired, unique, radiant End Game. You’ll write your future story inspired by the dreams you re-lit and the tools you can now rock.
  • Anticipate reuniting with Nancy again, 1:1 in 60-90 days for 30 minutes to recharge and see how you’re doing! That’s built-in follow-up accountability. (You can’t always get that from the girls at the spa.)

What Society ladies will learn and do, across the 6 weeks:

Pre-Work: Ready. Set. Engage!

  1. We’ll get your intentions for your Society experience rockin’ and rollin’, so you’re clear on exactly what you want out of it. Not to mention, exactly what you want out of life in your New (Better Than) Normal.
  2. Meet and greet your Sisters in Zestful Living in the private virtual group. Make introductions, say hello, and swap stories. We’ve only just begun!

Weeks 1 & 2: Knowing Yourself Well — Onboarding your internal guidance system

Week 1: Free the Hero — Because Woman, You Are One

  1. Overview of your wonderfully New (Better Than) Normal and the many opportunities it’s presenting to you for personal reinvention. Make a deeply personal commitment to yourself and to our Sisters in Zestful Living: to use all of your life experiences as a springboard to create and support your flourishing — which means to grow and develop over the course of a lifetime despite adversity.
  2. Review the small moves and big moves of the 4-checkpoints on the Hell ‘n Back Journey Map. The goal: know what to expect so you can manage your evolution with grace and dexterity.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the foundational concepts (essential self vs. social self) that we’ll revisit throughout this experience and beyond.

Week 2: Make Room for Good Things to Grow — It All Starts from a Deep Look Within

  1. We shouldn’t believe everything we ‘think’! Learn how to use your built-in exquisite truth meter, your Body Compass, to focus your keen perspective and challenge automatic thinking patterns.
  2. Discussion of basic brain biology, including meeting the Lizard that gets unleashed when an ‘activating event’ occurs. We’ll name your Lizard Brain and ‘leash it’ with a conscious mind and practice. We’ll debunk debilitating fear-based thinking (lack-and-attack syndrome) to the point that you’ll be soon coaching your friends and family on how to squash their reptilian fears.
  3. We’ll look at how to stop continually make decisions that shackle ourselves to doing things that don’t serve us well, and more often than not wind up serving others at the expense of our own good.

Weeks 3 & 4 : Managing Yourself Well — How to create positivity while being intentional and true to you

Week 3: The Sweet Spot of your Signature Strengths, Personal Passions, Natural Talents & Skills

  1. We’ll define and distinguish your Signature Strengths, talents, skills, and passions and determine what radiates for you.
  2. Learn how to play from your strengths (as we are intended to) and thus make it easier to find and to drop into Flow. And learn about Flow Theory.
  3. Explore the notion of ‘savoring’ activities and experiences. Learn how to create more of your favorite types of savoring in your daily life. It’s a delicious topic!

Week 4: Craft Your Artfully-Blended Life — The Theory of Well-Being

  1. Learn how best to construct your Time In a Day, including specific techniques for managing your well-being in the midst of a demanding life. What stokes the fire for creating your radiant life? What’s the first thing to get tossed to the curb when you’re overloaded? We’ll talk about Big Bad Boundaries, and who’s running the show. (Hint: it’d better be you!)
  2. Dive into the Theory of Well-Being. We’ll talk about why money doesn’t buy happiness and how happiness isn’t actually well-being (although, let’s be honest — some days it feels like an almond milk latte). We’ll put your favorite “Love List” and your favorite “Brain Candy” in the mix and draft your personalized Recipe for Optimum Well-Being. Yummy stuff.
  3. Learn how to boost your own resiliency, so you can bend without breaking through life’s storms.

Weeks 5 & 6: Leading Yourself Well — Face forward to your Zestful future

Week 5: Personal Currency and the Inner Circle

  1. Create a Wise Investment of Self. Identify the core group of people who play a significant role in your life? (They may be different ones than before.)
  2. Energizers vs. Drainers. Discern how your people are serving your well-being – or are they? It’s about intentionally managing the relationships that energize you.
  3. We’ll do some energy-mapping and see how your Inner Circle compensates your 4 Domains of Well-being. Your right mix will boost your personal energy and enhance your long-term flourishing — and the necessary adjustments will be obvious!

Week 6: Investment Compass and The Interview Game

  1. Raise awareness, brainstorm, evaluate, and discover how your time, energy, and effort are currently being invested and to what return. You’ll see that the things you have a passion, talent, and skill for are helping you grow and are attached to your pursuits. The goal is to create more things in your life that lead to optimum experience. (Ooh, this is where it. gets. real.)
  2. Develop strategies for improving your quality of life today. Map out your days and “stock” them with things and people you love. (Fun, yes?) Discover opportunities for improving the quality of your full life experience.
  3. The Future You Interview: you’ll gaze into your future, taking dictation from your intuition (which is spookily predictive), and paint your clean white canvas true to your Essential Self. Refreshing and clarifying.

Send your Future You Interview to me, along with what advice you’d give to your younger self, and the pearls of wisdom you’d give to your readers . . . and we’ll meet again in 60-90 days to check in and see how you’re doing. (Bet you you’ll be over the moon excited about what’s happening for you already.)

Is The Society for Zestful Living for you?

You’re a gem. You’ve got a polished exterior. Other people look at you and can’t help but feel your glow.

But inside, these days, you feel like a ball of mush. You haven’t felt that internal glow for a long time. The softest, more vulnerable parts of you — those aren’t usually for public consumption. You’ve spent a lot of years making nice, kissing the right a$$es, and giving great lip service to everybody else around you who’s important.

And you know what? You’re damn ready to show somebody why you’re important this time — starting with showing yourself.

Nancy is a conduit for the wonderful energy of discovery. She ignites change with her illuminating, exuberant spirit.”
– Joy S., Boston, MA

Nancy is an amazing motivational and inspirational coach. She is a curious, creative, and passionate person and lends utter clarity and a keen perspective. I learned so much about how to get a handle on my own well-being and put it into action in new ways. Nancy helped me see what I couldn’t see.”
– Jenna R., Washington, D.C.

Six weeks to experience yourself and your future in a new light. Virtually surrounded by a supportive community of women who get it.

But the Society isn’t right for everybody. It may not be right for you if:

  • You’re still caught up in the throes of a catalytic event and aren’t quite ready to forge ahead just yet.
  • You aren’t all that motivated to create a wholehearted life.
  • Some of the value you’ll get through the Society is in relationship with your Sisters in Zestful Living. So if you’re not yet ready to participate with your peers, then this probably isn’t the right format for you. Check out a Private 1:1 Zestful Intensive Series as an alternative.

Hey, beautiful. Still here? Great! Now for the particulars:


The Society for Zestful Living runs for 6 consecutive weeks . . .

All calls are recorded and all written materials are downloadable from a password-protected page on my site, plus the private virtual group is available 24/7. While I’d love for all participants to be live on the calls each week, if that’s not possible for you, you can interact with the material and with your peers on your own timing.


$597 (or $298.50 in two installments) for the 6-week experience. This includes one 60-minute Private 1:1 Coaching session with me, Nancy, and one 30-minute follow-up session 60-90 days post-Society to check in for accountability, questions, follow-up and a big zestful bear hug. (After all, Society girls always love a good, soulful squuuuuuueeeeeeze.) ;)


Calls are held via Instant Teleseminar, a private toll-free conference line participants call in to via your phone or Skype calling plan. Calls are audio only; there is no video component. Once you register for the Society, you’ll receive a call-in number with a passcode, along with other registration details.


Calls will be recorded (if the technology fairies cooperate!) and uploaded to a password-protected page on my site. Under normal circumstances, calls will be uploaded to the site within 2 business days following each live call. Participants will receive an email once the call has been uploaded.

If you’re ready, so are we. We await the pleasure of your company.

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“Fabulous, Nancy. But, I’ve got more questions — now!”

Of course, darling. I’m right here. Here are my responses to your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q: I normally don’t spend on myself — well, except for the occasional indulgence. Help me justify this investment.

A: Wise question, oh woman of independent means and mind. Your Society experience is an excellent value — led by me (Nancy Sherr), a zestful careerist, whose personal and professional experiences have made me an expert in personal reinvention. I’m a devoted and professionally trained Martha Beck coach who’s seen my way through three career and personal reinventions: an unexpected job loss after a long and successful career, a divorce, and quickly heading into an empty nest. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a Private 1:1 Coaching Session, and a Follow-Up Session after the experience. It’s a great deal, girlfriend.

Q: There’s no woman I know who’s lived a good life who hasn’t been touched in some way by a catalytic event. Do I really need a group coaching experience to help me get through this? Shouldn’t I be able to do this on my own?

A: While it’s true that the underpinnings and step-by-step process of personal reinvention are similar for us all, no matter what the triggering event may be, change looks and feels different on each of us. Join in and let’s support a positive reinvention process for us all! Why turn down extra support that could make all the difference between a slow and stodgy reinvention process and a lean, sexy, soulful one? Had I had a great coach (and an incredible community of likeminded women), I’d have gotten up off the floor a lot faster than I did when my world crashed in a zillion pieces and I (wo)manned it solo.

Q: I’ve gone to therapy. I’ve got great girlfriends. Isn’t that enough?

A: Ooh, great question. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses more on the past, to soften those blows and heal those wounds. Coaching is forward-focused, action-oriented, and momentum-based to get you to where you want to be. And keep those girlfriends you already have. Take them out to lunch and tell them how much fun you’re having reinventing alongside your new Sisters in Zestful Living!

Q: I’m not sure I have the time for this. Is it a huge time commitment?

A: Listen, everyone I know is busy. While the Society is richest and most rewarding when everyone joins in, the reality is, it’s not always possible for everyone to be live on each call each week. Recordings will be available if you aren’t free to be on the call live. You can listen in later, get caught up, and jump into the Facebook group to share your a-has with your Sisters.

Enjoy Nancy’s views on the Power and Gifts of Community

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is feeling right to me. So much has felt so ‘off’ for so long, that I know when something feels right.”

Yes. That’s exactly how you should feel if this is right for you. I want you to feel a gut-level, down-into-your-toes YES that tells you this is the experience you want to give yourself right now. Because you’re ready — and hell yes, you’re worth it.

At the end of six weeks, you’ll have:

  • deepened understanding of the Life Cycle of Change, and a clear map for the stages you’re yet to encounter;
  • glittering idea of what’s next and right for you in life, love, and vocation, and a portfolio of resources to help you move toward what you want;
  • refreshed concept of self: a pure, true, firm grasp of who you are today in this new life — and who you’re becoming, and
  • warm sisterhood of women who are committed to living Zestfully, to witness your journey, and keep you accountable.

Regardless of how you arrive, you will graduate from the Society with a renewed sense of self, greater clarity about the future you want to create, and that spine-tingling sense of anticipation for what is to come.

The Society for Zestful Living is the place for bravehearted women like you.

Won’t you join us today and give yourself the chance to reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life?

If you feel your future calling you forward . . .

If you’re the phoenix whose wings are ready to rise . . .

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