Zestfully Rockin’ the Mic

I’ve been through the fires of big life change and have emerged as the triumphant phoenix. I know what it takes to thrive, not just survive, as a woman recreating her life on her own terms.

My life’s work is focused on helping women navigate change with grace and dexterity. I deeply understand the challenges and process of that evolution.

Coaching to well-being to create a life well-lived. That’s what I do best.

My style? Light-it-all-up, burn-it-all-down, and rise-from-the-ashes hot.

I’ll blaze a trail for transformational results at your next meeting, special event, or keynote. My style: passionate, inspiring, forward-focused, and actionable. Big laughs, a-ha’s, and breakthroughs.

Ready to blaze a trail at your next event? Let’s talk.

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