Shimmering Praise

Strong spirit, inquisitive, acute-listener, and a loving nature, Nancy is a rare find. She coached me back from a major life set back with intense commitment and instilled a perseverance in me that was amazing. Her passion and infectious love of life abounds. This coach is a natural and a true gem.

Michaela L.

Nancy is an amazing motivational and inspirational coach. She has many natural gifts. She is a curious, creative, brave and passionate person and lends utter clarity and a keen perspective. I learned so much about how to get a handle on my own well-being and put it into action in new ways. Nancy helped me see what I couldn’t see.

Jenna R.

Honest, witty and whip-smart, Nancy was the pathway to my new future after my divorce. She reached directly into my soul and helped me re-create my identity. She is a most compassionate person and seriously understands people. Aside from her quick wit, she had a laser-focused commitment to guide me at the most difficult time of my life. Her enthusiasm for life is infectious, and she has a great process that delivered results customized to specification. Nancy is a beautiful person inside and out!

Catrina M.

Nancy coached me through the death of my 18 year marriage and the painful discoveries that followed. As a mother and a seasoned executive in the financial world, she was able to relate to the complexities of managing a family and career. Her compassion, honesty, and inspiration gave me strength and hope. She helped me realize that the challenges we endure, while they are so hideously painful, actually bring clarity, illuminating our needs and desires. She identified and applied the appropriate tools to help me identify my passions and strengths which I now value as being central to living a wholehearted life.

Patricia G.

Nancy has an infectious sense of humor, acute attention to detail and is a true delight. She brings high-energy and a rare commitment to her life calling as a coach. Her steady hand created a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for me to identify who I really am as an individual. She helped me in many creative ways to build a fresh path centered around my deepest passions and motivated me to create a plan to jump-start my life.

Paula T.

Nancy is an outstanding motivator with keen insight into what makes a person tick. Having problems getting my life on track, more specifically a lack of direction and awareness as to why I felt depleted of energy, Nancy quickly honed in on my core issues and we began my re-build. I found my confidence again. Her enthusiasm, listening skills and thoughtful questions really helped me see things clearly and develop a plan that helped me move forward with hope!

Lauren F.

What I value most about Nancy’s style of coaching is not only her personal attention, but also her ability to keep me on task. I don’t know where she gets her energy, but after each session I feel a renewed spirit and heightened optimism for life. Nancy is incredibly compassionate, a positive driving force and was relentlessly devoted to my success.

Zoe H.

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