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So, you’ve taken your knocks. Been dumped. Betrayed. Dreams dashed.

Or, you’re at a crossroads and filled with uncertainty.

You need a clear path. And you want your spark back.

I’m Nancy Sherr.

I coach Bravehearted Women through BIG. LIFE. CHANGES.

I have been where you are.

And I can tell you the road ahead is full of brilliant possibilities.

A Zestful Life is my creation. ‘Zestful’ describes the life I’ve claimed as possible for me. And it describes what I see is possible for you. Your longing for a zestful life is why you’re reading these words right now. I see you out there.

Me? I’m a coach and a connector of women. A mother. An impassioned speaker. A fitness buff.

I’m a bravehearted woman who has had her own share of Big Life Changes. You, too?

You can reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate your life. Broken down dreams, soul-roasting careers, lifeless marriages whose best days are long gone. There’s valuable currency in all of it. An opportunity to clear the decks. And get hardwired for clarity.

I coach women privately, in nurturing groups, and via home study who are emerging from Big Life Changes: job loss, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, empty nesting it — and those just needing to rekindle their spark. We set our intentions and hit the road together, pedaling toward that bright, shimmering future that’s yours to create.

I also work with women executives who are at a career crossroads: scaling up, slowing down, reassessing, in need of new strategies for success. With 22 years of experience in the financial sector under my {fiduciary} belt, I get life in the C-suite. I bring perspective, prowess, and purpose — promise.

I give soulful, sumptuous talks to groups on navigating change from their own leading edge. And redesigning the elements of well-being on your own terms. They say my style is light-it-all-up, burn-it-all-down, and rise-from-the-ashes hot.

I’m informed by 25 years of corporate business success in financial services and start-up consulting, and coach training under the eye of Martha Beck, Ph.D., life coach scholar and best selling author. Read more about my training and methodology here.

I’m also a featured writer for The Huffington Post and a variety of inspiring communities around the web.

What I see for you, bravehearted woman: a reclaimed life, retrofitted and sparkling on all cylinders like never before. Exuberant living, out loud, and on purpose. Fully expressed, fashioned according to your sacred ambitions and fired in the furnace of resilience. You. Yes, you. You’re built to bounce.

When your instincts are in play, your genius is at work.

So, trust your gut and let’s get moving.