Can You Visualize a Work Future Where Your Impact & Influence is Center Stage?

Can You Visualize a Work Future Where Your Impact & Influence is Center Stage?

STOP the guessing game.

You have a lot at stake.

You haven’t interviewed in a while. 

You’re procrastinating because you feel “comfortable” where you are and you’re also not sure where to start. 

You’re sensing this as a time of uncertainty.

Maybe you’re even a little bit scared.

You lay awake at night plagued with the “what ifs” wondering how to stop that pain in your gut that tells you that it’s too risky to “rock the boat.”

I’m Nancy Sherr and I’m OBSESSED with creating great career outcomes. 

I was a corporate citizen with one company for 22 years. When I joined there were 750 employees; when I left there were 45,000. So yes, I took part in a huge growth and success story. I fostered meaningful relationships, achieved top results, and became a fanatic about what it takes to grow a satisfying and fruitful career.

I found my sweet spot in helping extraordinary people flourish and advance at work and in life.

What I learned after hiring hundreds of top performers and leading top-tier teams — and reinventing myself three times since — is that a deep understanding of your natural born leadership strengths and signature values will not only support you creating your greatest impact and influence, it will also illuminate your next and best career move, and serve to create a powerful career story to help you make it a reality.  

In a true, joyful and successful way.

I also discovered that growing my own dream career is perfectly aligned with helping others advance theirs. They are two sides of the same coin. I love my work. I want you to love yours too. 

Best of all, I’ve developed an effective process that’s not just Step-by-Step but Action-by-Action.

We’ll go into the nitty gritty details that give you the confidence to articulate what makes you not only unique and amazing, but IRRESISTIBLE to your network and to decision-makers for jobs you love, without the crazy freak outs and crippling overwhelm.

I show senior leaders not only how to “DIY” but how to DO IT SMARTER than the average career coach who preaches dusty, old antiquated tactics that fail.

I teach what I’ve learned through years of evidence-based research, professional coach training, and real-world field testing. 

I teach a time-leveraged, exceptional, end-to-end process that supports, cares, educated, instills and installs exactly what you need to take you from where you are at this moment to a superior result in the shortest amount of time. 

Are you ready to take momentum-building action steps to grow and optimize a job and career you LOVE?

It’s time to confidently and swiftly step into an exciting new role that allows you to express your greatest self.

One that fulfills you, boosts your personal and professional growth, and creates well-being.

You’re an optimistic, energetic person of action. You thrive from achievement and getting stuff done. 

You’re excited to get crystal clear on your natural-born leadership strengths and signature values, and hold true to your financial and lifestyle requirements. 

You’re oh-so-ready to avoid thousands of tiny missteps and instead, leverage a proven process that will illuminate your perfect role and position you to blow away decision makers with your irresistible narrative — AND GET PROMOTED FASTER — either internally or elsewhere!

Do you want it? You can have it!

This is your time.

Gain a refreshed and deliberate mindset with the clarity and focus you’ve been longing for, so that you get what you want and advance to a BIGGER role and a BIG salary increase.

Your in-between, half-there, guilty-everywhere psyche is for the BIRDS.

No more frustration. No more “stuck.”

Your life is about to become ahh-mazing!

“Nancy helped me build a robust toolkit for professional engagement strategies. Her guidance came in very useful for that; especially to help ground my thinking and learning about professional development. I was able to identify my professional values and strengths, as I moved forward to new challenge. It was also an opportunity to learn more about how I see my career growth and capabilities, in different professional settings. Her work allowed me to articulate my value by composing my Strengths Arsenal and how it plays a role in my professional development. It helped me visualize what I bring to the table, with a new lens. I was able to gather ideas and create a roadmap for professional advancement, with her support, grounded data, and practical exercises. I enjoyed my time working with Nancy; her energy was great to keep the process moving smoothly; her promptness, availability and willingness to accommodate when challenges were present, made everything more personable. It was a real positive experience to have her guide me through this, and I now feel that this should be a longer term engagement; something you will take, develop and grow with you as you advance in your career.”