There are a lot of people who can help you land a job you love.

Your peers. Your professors. Maybe even your shrink.

But, you’re still stuck.

Swirling and dazed in a haze of confusion.

Is this YOU?

You’re struggling to figure out what’s next in your career.
You’re longing to do work that matters and create your greatest impact.
You’re feeling like you’ve plateaued after all the years of hard work and loyalty.
You’re worried about staying relevant and scared it may be too late to start over.

You are not alone.

We’ve all felt these feelings. I’ve witnessed too many people selling out to the wrong jobs, feeling bitter behind the desk, trapped in a career that’s unfulfilling, while longing for something FRESH & NEW.

Let’s be real.

Few things in life are more important than having a career that you love; delivering the impact you crave. And further, there’s nothing more disappointing than giving up on yourself.

But with me as your Career Coach…

That’s not going to happen!

Blaze a trail like Jessica did…

“Nancy: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you as my career coach! In such a short time, I finally feel like I found myself and my footing again! Your approach to self assessment and goal setting are challenging in all the right ways. I feel undeniably empowered – empowered to get out of my own way and achieve the lifestyle I want!

My investment has already paid in full, really it’s paid multiples thereof, in less than 8 weeks!

I knew from our initial conversation that your energy and focus were genuine – and the right combination to make the difference I was striving for! Thank you for all of the thoughtful years it took to create such a dynamic platform. Thank you for believing in me and bringing me on as a client. Thank you for the countless sidebars to give me a dose of motivation or clarity when the need arose. I’ll be able to leverage the skills you taught me for years to come, but don’t be surprised when hear from me again – because the right coach makes the world of difference!!”


Imagine what this would mean in YOUR LIFE:

IMAGINE… waking up every morning, jumping out of bed, excited to get to a job you LOVE!

IMAGINE… being a leader in your field and people seeking you out as an expert to help show them the way!

IMAGINE…  enjoying a financially rewarding career and lifestyle that feels fresh and perfectly YOU! 

Introducing: CareerDNA with Nancy Sherr

5 Mastery Modules to Access Powerful Mind Shifts & Success Systems Needed to Effectively Grow and Optimize a Career You LOVE!

Here’s your sneak peek behind the velvet rope:

You’ll get a tour of the CareerDNA Roadmap and a “digital syllabus” so you’ll know exactly what’s ahead and what to expect. 

When you work the right system of action steps and routines nothing can stop you from achieving your personal and professional goals. 

With motivation, momentum, and a greater sense of self-worth, we’ll reset your mindset and unleash your red-hot burning desire, unlocking your full potential. You’ll be READY TO ROCK!

The most critical step in your job or career change, BEFORE penning a resume or reaching out to a networking contact, is a deep dive to illuminate what makes you irresistible and AH-mazing. You’re in great hands, Nancy is a master at revealing a person’s unique genius and applying those critical insights to professional settings. 

This quick but deep exercise proves to be an indulging experience that delivers tremendous value to getting you crystal clear on your “right” work as well as handing over to you the EXACT language and sound bites you need to build and deliver a powerful narrative.

We’ll demystify your past & present “puzzle” and illuminate your future path with the real YOU front & center, setting you up to make your NEXT career move your BEST career move.

The most successful people foster key relationships to advance their careers by building “Relationship Capital” — a practice that’s paramount to success in business and in life. 

You’ll learn how to leverage the powerful treasure trove of LinkedIn in a strategic, tactical, and authentic way to build “Relationship Capital” from scratch or broaden your existing network; a practice that will reward you not only for your next job change but throughout your entire career. This strategy will dramatically change the way you advance your career — for the better!

Through my natural networking strategy, you’ll bypass the dreaded job boards and tap into the hidden job market, all with full access to my warm and cold networking tactics, email scripts, thank you note templates, cheat sheets, tear downs and more. It’s all inside for you! 

My expert Resume Strategist Team will craft your Done-For-You, keyword optimized & proven to pass ATS systems Premier Resume, including a co-branded Cover Letter Template and a LinkedIn Profile Refresh; ensuring it’s click-worthy with your career story polished to perfection — satisfaction guaranteed! 

Your achievements will dominate; we’ll strengthen the verbs and quantify your wins. Clear, concise, and compelling. You will LOVE how powerful and consistent you look across all channels.

You’ll also be handed the keys to the Communications Kingdom with Plug ‘n Play pre-written emails, interview follow up templates — everything you’ll need to WOW decision makers and VIP’s in your network to get multiple job offers even within a few weeks! 

Interviewing is an art that gets easier and more fun with experience. We’ll practice your narrative and polish it to perfection so that you’ll be poised and confident to WOW decision-makers by crisply articulating your value, qualifications, and enthusiasm for the job. 

Negotiating compensation is the culmination of your job search process. It’s what you’ve worked so hard for and we’ll make it count. You’ll have the formula to calculate the total package for your dream job with the exact guidelines and action steps to win the best result possible. You won’t leave ANYTHING on the table.  

Mastery of these vital components is not learned in a college classroom or an MBA program. You need a smart, tactical, tested strategy as to how best to Interview and Negotiate like a CHAMP. 

CareerDNA Elite Coaching with Nancy

YOU + ME = Powerful Career Results

You’re looking at the MOST value-packed way to work with me privately and since my Elite clients get Premium Access to me, I work with only a select number of clients at a time.

This experience is delivered to you as a streamlined, elegant, proven process; a step-by-step roadmap, a system that works. 

CareerDNA will unlock all of the right elements in the proper sequence, to get you to your goal swiftly and with ease. 

No more frustration, it’s all here for you!


Here’s what you get:

  • PRIVATE COACHING FOR 8 WEEKS: Carefully planned cadence of Private Power Hour phone or Zoom coaching sessions scattered over 8 weeks
  • MOMENTUM BUILDER CHECK-INS: Voice check-ins between Power Hour sessions to serve as Momentum Builders along the way
  • PREMIER RESUME SERVICE DONE-FOR-YOU: Our Expert Resume Strategist Team will craft a professional rewrite of your resume distilling your greatest accomplishments and professional brand; keyword optimized & proven to pass ATS systems; a Cover Letter Template and a LinkedIn Profile Refresh; ensures it’s click-worthy with your career story polished to perfection.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS TO *CareerDNA 5 MASTERY MODULES* PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA: Unlock access to the CareerDNA 5 Mastery Modules All-inclusive Step-by-Step Roadmap, guiding you to grow and optimize a career you LOVE. This program is a by-product of decades of career experience, thorough research and field-testing, and a fortuitous commitment to teach you everything you need to know to get what you want in your career and your life!

And if you don’t know precisely what you want your next role to be just yet — don’t worry — most people don’t. 

I’m an ace at helping you figure that out!

Make Your Move.

Curious? Reach out by tapping the button below and we’ll set up a call to review all the specifics and answer all of your questions. It’s time to get your new career and life off to the races!

CareerDNA All Stars

“Though you may instinctively know your values and strengths, it’s the synergy of them both that helps you see the true power of yourself and transform that power into a language that communicates what you truly bring to the table. Nancy gives you the priceless tool of knowing and articulating your true self-worth and showcasing that within your network and to the world.”


“Working with Nancy was a great experience and well worth the investment. She worked her magic by revealing my leadership strengths and values, and gave me the powerful language I need to confidently present myself to my network and on job interviews. Nancy isn’t your typical Career Coach — her depth of professional experience and expertise make her SO much more!”