About Nancy

What would you do if life gave you an opportunity to clear the decks?

A divorce or loss of a loved one, a job loss, an empty nest, a career that disheartened you. If one of life’s surprises dared to whisper in your ear that you couldn’t feel whole again . . .

Would you curl up in a ball and wail until hell froze over?

Escape on epic shopping sprees only to be chased down by — Mr. Buyer’s Remorse?

Hole yourself up with a tub of cookie dough and forward all calls to voicemail?

Or would you pick yourself up, get back in the saddle, and start pedaling toward the reclaimed, recreated, rejuvenated life you believe somewhere deep inside is possible for you?

My work and this site are for bravehearted women who are transitioning through big life changes.

You’ve emerged on the other side, breathless but feeling resourceful. You’re ready to optimize your well-being through working at the spirit, soul, and strategy level.

My expertise is around supporting and inspiring women in life transition. Women who have stared down the big dragons, blindsided by loss or befuddled by the task of life reinvention.

Women like you: you, who have decided to design a life that you love.

With my sparkling ambition to coach just a twinkle in my eye — I set rapid-fire wisdom and passion that persuades to my independent business consultancy for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. Obsessed with possibility, indignant in the face of mediocrity, and quick-to-the-punch to shutdown limiting beliefs, I had the road-tested business chutzpah to make my mark.

Prior, I cut my corporate teeth in the high-stakes financial sector. A 22-year career, all with one firm. A leadership queen, an award-winner, an ardent firm ambassador. And then — I took the leap.

Here’s what I discovered: change, while disruptive, is an opportunity to create a new beginning. And to broaden one’s vista. Yours can be, too.

I’m a mother. A fitness lover. I’ve coach trained with Martha Beck Ph.D., Harvard educated, internationally bestselling author, monthly columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine. And I’ve apprenticed with Gretchen Pisano, MAPP, centering my coaching approach around Applied Positive Psychology and the Theory of Well-being, an evidence-based and joyful approach to living a flourishing life, led and developed by Martin Seligman Ph.D., of the University of Pennsylvania. And I’m a practitioner of Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention. As an enthusiastic member of the ICPA Institutof Coaching, I’m well-informed on cutting-edge scientific and best practices of leadership, wellness, and personal coaching. I’m also proud to be a featured writer for the esteemed Huffington Post actively sharing original content and growing community within this dynamic forum.

“It’s not so much the elements of our passions and strengths that we honor, as much as how we put them into action in the world; that’s when the real celebration begins.”  --Nancy Sherr

I have learned that fitness cultivates resiliency through change — awakening every cell of the body in the process. On any given day, you can find me in spin or barre class, Pilates or yoga. I view staying fit as an opportunity and a privilege to fuel our bodies’ health and vitality. {Endorphins are wonderfully addicting, too!}

Friends and colleagues describe me as a lover of life, loyal, compassionate, and centered in gratitude. My number one Character Strength is hope, optimism, and future-mindedness. And my Kolbe Index sees me as a radiant fact-finder — a researcher at heart. I relish rich intelligence and love to put it in play.

On an even more personal note, I share my world with my two amazing teenagers, who are the loves of my life. Together, we delight in a vibrant Manhattan life and in traveling the world — always happy to come home to our two handsome Hungarian Vizslas, to Central Park and the Upper West Side. And in staying true to the exuberant pursuit of my zestful life — I savor the wholehearted rituals of fresh-pressed juice, pecan pie, and a big Cabernet.

I specialize in working with women who are rebounding from big life changes. If that’s you, click here

I also work with women executives who are reinventing their careers — smooth glides and hairpin turns. I brew a rare blend of strategic corporate moxie and soulful, sacred inquiry. Click here to start the conversation about coaching for executive women.

Know a group who’d enjoy a passionate speaker with soul, smarts, and grit to share the wisdom of navigating change, the fuel for resilience, and the recipe for optimum well-being? Click here to inquire about tactical and practical inspirational talks.

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