What does it mean to Navigate BIG Life Changes?

coverimageSometimes, change is welcome. But sometimes, change is hard.
Not just hard. Excruciating.

You’ve been through a hellish life change and you’re in need of a hand.
A hand to help you: Reclaim. Recreate. Rejuvenate. 

The Bravehearts Guide will give you the
ROADMAP and the TOOLS & 
to GET YOU BACK IN THE GAME after a BIG. Life. Change.


I want to applaud you, Nancy, and the work you’re doing. I purchased The Bravehearts Guide and all I have to say is WOW! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve been going through my own personal trauma and meltdown and your book has been something that I’ve really looked forward to digging into. What I found so interesting is that when I started to read your words, I couldn’t believe how they spoke to me – really like nothing else has before in the genre. You have a way of explaining things that make SO MUCH SENSE. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and gifts. It’s clear you are on the right path and you give those of us, LIKE ME, hope that there is something better once we’re able to muddle out of the darkness.”
– Adrienne M., Chicago, IL

A beautiful compilation of wisdom and insight to the path of self-discovery. This book pulls together what’s most important, and defines the road to re-create a new, bright life. Nancy’s expertise, inspiring style, and transparency in sharing her personal stories are incredibly powerful. This is a winner.”
– Wendy G., New York City

Do you want to:

  • Get back in the game after a divorce, job loss, or another major life shift?
  • Bust out of what feels like a dimmed life and put your natural strengths, passions, and sparkle in play?
  • Stop selling out in your current relationships and create ones with the ”right” people?
  • Become a MASTER at living in the PRESENT, appreciating the riches of the PAST, with optimism and hope for the FUTURE?

Here’s what I believe:

If you’ve led an interesting life, allowed yourself to be vulnerable, achieved, loved and lost –– it’s likely that you’ve felt pain. The pain of change. It can be really tough. But, change is inevitable. Of course.

I believe challenge and change creates opportunity. And if you desire, really desire to create the most of what’s possible in life, after the changes, it often comes down to one major commitment. A commitment to self. And that’s what I’m all about.

I’ve risen from the ashes a few times and recreated my life; I did it through personal application of every iota of what I’m sharing with you in The Bravehearts Guide.

I lay out the path, so you’ll know what to expect. And then I give you the tools and the how-to’s to pull it all together. It’s straight from the heart, and it’s motivating, and it will fire you up with what you need to create the change that you so desire.

Pain nourishes courage. You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you.”
– Mary Tyler Moore

My hard-earned cultivated wisdom, stocked with tried and true solutions are waiting for you inside . . . 


Change Your Mindset, Change Your Future: Create Your New [SO Much Better Than] Normal 

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A creatively designed, inspiration-packed multi-media guide for your indulgence on your own time,
from the comforts of your own home or from anywhere, actually.
[package includes a stunning, full-color 100+ page PDF – readable on all computers,
iPads and iPhones, a separate PDF file of worksheets, plus Nancy's truth-telling on audio download!]

Your highlights include:

Your investment of $35 will get you instant access to your downloadable 100+ page Bravehearts Guide which comes with a dozen printable worksheets and a full audio — that’s stocked with six chapters of soulful content, and applicable tools and techniques assembled from my in-depth training and coaching expertise, my own personal reflections, and informed by a range of thought leaders from the past and present on what’s most important and useful to support rebuilding a wholehearted life after A Big Life Change OR if you just want to Rejuvenate Your Mojo.

Six content rich chapters and exercises set up like this:

1: The BIG Whoa :: Change is Inevitable
Your Courageous Comeback from Big Life Changes :: Bravehearts Journey Map
Map It :: Where Are You Now?
How To’s of Creating a Vision Board
Your Journaling Practice

2: Designing a Life for Your True Self
Twisted Soul Sisters
Your Board of Critics vs. Your Faithful Champions
Your Body Compass :: Your Very Own Personal Truth Meter

3: Leeeaaning Into Your Instincts
The Power of Your Instincts
Dinner with Your Intuition

4: Your Personal Economy of Courage
My Economy of Courage :: What Do I Want?

5: Planting the Seeds of Resilience
Strengths Mapping :: Values and Strengths Strategies

6: Gratitude: The Antitoxin
The Radiance of Gratitude :: Your Journaling Practice

You’ll get:

  • 100+ pages/six chapters of richly informed content, perspective, exercises, prompts, practical/actionable tools and techniques
  • a dozen interactive worksheets to lead you to your clarity and create practical applications of what you’ll be learning
  • a full audio where I’ll be guiding you through the reinvention process so you’ll know exactly what to expect and what you should be doing to get there

You’ll find this nothing short of inspiring, powerful, and practical as you navigate to create your
New [SO Much Better Than] Normal.

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This is a note of enormous gratitude to you, Nancy. Because without your wisdom and insights, InvertedEdge might never have happened. THANK YOU. Last year, after leaving a senior corporate role to pursue something on my own, I was plagued by doubt and yes, good old fear. I chanced upon a piece written by Nancy and loved the thoughts she expressed. Conversations with her about this major transition was an incredibly timely gift, and her observations just what I needed to hear. “Reinvention catalyst” is a very, very appropriate description for her.”
– Debra L., Singapore

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer richer experience.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt


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