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CLICK THE BADGE if you’re a mid-life women who’s interested in reinvention inspiration and how-tos packaged for your AT-HOME indulgence: 


You’ll experience this home study guide bursting with six chapters, 100+ rich pages, a dozen guided interactive worksheets and a full audio, and walk away with tools, techniques and heartfelt inspiration to boost the way you not only navigate life-altering events, but how you think of them too. Get ready to make your way to creating Your NEW Zestful Life. Click here to learn more about The Bravehearts Guide To Navigating BIG. LIFE. CHANGES.

A beautiful compilation of wisdom and insight to the path of self-discovery. This book pulls together what’s most important, and defines the road to re-create a new, bright life. Nancy’s expertise, inspiring style, and transparency in sharing her personal stories are incredibly powerful. This is a winner.”
– Wendy G., New York City

This is a note of enormous gratitude to you, Nancy. Because without your wisdom and insights, InvertedEdge might never have happened. THANK YOU. Last year, after leaving a senior corporate role to pursue something on my own, I was plagued by doubt and yes, good old fear. I chanced upon a piece written by Nancy and loved the thoughts she expressed. Conversations with her about this major transition was an incredibly timely gift, and her observations just what I needed to hear. “Reinvention catalyst” is a very, very appropriate description for her.”
– Debra L., Singapore



CLICK THE BADGE if you’re a mid-life women who wants to reclaim, recreate, and rejuvenate following Big. Life. Change. in a GROUP experience:

Presenting: THE SOCIETY FOR ZESTFUL LIVING, a 6-week intensive group coaching experience.

Yes, you’re worth it and yes, a supportive sisterhood awaits. If you’re rebounding after a divorce, rebuilding after the loss of a loved one, reclaiming your radiance following a job loss, or rekindling your spark in mid-life — the Society for Zestful Living is the perfect place for you.

One part inner work, one part practical indulgence, one part vibrant community of your peers — three tiers of support for you and the exciting life’s work on which you’re embarking. Click here to learn more about the Society for Zestful Living.

Nancy is an amazing motivational and inspirational coach. She has many natural gifts. She is a curious, creative, brave and passionate person and lends utter clarity and a keen perspective. I learned so much about how to get a handle on my own well-being and put it into action in new ways. Nancy helped me see what I couldn’t see.”
– Jenna R., Washington, D.C.



CLICK THE BADGE if you’re a mid-life women who wants to explore and redesign your life in the wake of a catalytic event, and want to do so in an intimate, supportive 1:1 atmosphere:

Presenting: 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING (virtually from your home, or in person with me in fabulous New York City.)

You are so much more than the anxiety-provoking circumstances Life has dumped you in. You’re a gem — priceless, rare, and full of highly sought-after qualities. It’s time to buff up your internal glow and get you gleaming again. The coaching relationship is a safe, tender context for doing the deep identity work mid-life usually invites us into. I’ve been there. I can support you through it and into the next gorgeous phase of your one great life. I can’t wait to watch you shine. Click here to learn more about 1:1 Private Coaching with me, Nancy Sherr.

Nancy has an infectious sense of humor, acute attention to detail and is a true delight. She brings high-energy and a rare commitment to her life calling as a coach. Her steady hand created a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for me to identify who I really am as an individual. She helped me in many creative ways to build a fresh path centered around my deepest passions and motivated me to create a plan to jump-start my life.”
– Paula T., Palm Beach, FL



CLICK THE BADGE if you’re for a group of women (and enlightened men) who are open to change and ready to get stoked:

Presenting: NANCY SHERR (that’s me!) Zestfully Rockin’ the Mic.

Hello Phoenix, meet Flame. I’ll blaze a trail for transformational results at your next meeting, special event or keynote. My style: passionate, forward-focused, inspiring, and actionable. Big laughs, a-ha’s, and breakthroughs. As participants have said: “Nancy really gets women, life, and change,” and “Nancy is a conduit for the wonderful energy of discovery. She ignites change with her illuminating, exuberant spirit.” We can tailor a meaningful, epiphany-filled experience for your group when you inquire about my availability. Click here for my Media Kit.

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